Apple iOS 13! The Dark Mode for iPhone is Finally Here

Apple iOS 13! The Dark Mode for iPhone is Finally Here

Apple organizes World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) every year and like every year this year also, it was organized at the Moscone Centre in San Francisco. We all were hoping that Apple would make some high-profile announcements, and yes it did and it didn’t disappoint the fans all over the world, one of which is iOS 13.

Some of the key highlights of WWDC 2019 were:

  • A bunch of new features coming with the ios 13.
  • Most Powerful Mac Pro Apple has ever made.
  • Ipads will have their own Operating System i.e. iPad OS.
  • Apple Watch will get it’s own App Store, all thanks to watchOS 6.
  • Mac will welcome macOS Catalina 10.15 later this year.

ios 13( The most awaited announcement in WWDC 2019)

As expected, Apple introduced the ios 13 with the most awaited and anticipated “Dark Mode” feature. Yes, the dark mode feature is now official and is coming to the iPhones with the iOS 13 which looks stunning and amazing.

Apart from the dark mode, ios13 brings a bunch of new features


Apple has mainly focused on improving the performance of the iPhones, especially on the older generation phones as it suffered some major issues previously regarding the slowing down of its phones with every new iOS update.

Apple claims that now users will be able to unlock their phones with face id 30% faster than on iOS 12. The company also claims that the apps will be 50% smaller in size as compared to the present size.

Still, we will have to wait until iOS 13 is available to install in the phones to be pretty sure what the company claims.

Dark Mode

According to the researchers and studies, the reason behind the most awaited iOS 13 was the “Dark Mode” feature and its finally here and users will be able to use this feature in their iPhones as soon as the new iOS update launches in the mid-September (likely to be launched with the 2019 iPhone models).

As this is the official dark mode feature, it will be supported with almost every iPhone app and even the notification center will have some dark visuals which will look amazing.

Apple Mail, Safari, and Notes

Apple has finally decided to give it’s inbuilt apps some refreshment. Apple mail is will be updated with its new desktop formatting feature. Safari will be getting per-website preferences update and notes will be getting the all-new gallery view to view all the apps at once.


Apple has redesigned the map app for the iOS 13, as this time it will be featuring the all-new Google street view. This feature will roll out in some of the cities in the US in 2019 and will be available internationally by 2020.

iOS 13 image

Photo Credit: Apple


When Apple is concerned, Privacy is their primary moto. Now you can choose to give your location only once to a particular app instead of giving them access to ping your location again and again.

Apple also announced in the event “Sign in with Apple”. This feature will be available to login into apps and services. Now users will be able to create a new id with just signing in with apple id without providing any personal information, isn’t that interesting. Technology has already changed our lives forever.

Supporting External Storage

Apple users always thought about this feature as this feature is already available in Android from quite some time now. Now users will be able to attach their external drives and will able to import and export the data through their files app which is inbuilt in iPhone.

New Emojis

The tech giant announced some new emojis to its collection which will now enable users to make new faces and styles as per their choice. The company already had a great collection of emojis previously and now some new faces are added to it.

New editing feature to photos

Apple announced some new editing interface for the photos app and especially for the videos. Now users will be able to edit their photos light, color, brilliance, exposure, highlights, shadows, contrast and much more.

For the videos, users will finally be able to rotate their videos right from the app. The app will also be featuring the new (UI) User Interface which will use machine learning to detect duplicate photos and will remove it automatically.

Though it would be interesting to see how iOS 13 changes the daily usage of iPhone users as there is a huge competition in the flagship markets as the other competitors are also performing very well like Samsung Galaxy S1o and S10 Plus and newly launched OnePlus 7 Pro and have convinced Apple users to switch to Android platform to a great extent.

Now coming to the devices which will support ios 13. Ios 13 will support the phones from 6s and it’s future generations like iPhone SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS, and XS Max. That means older generation iPhones like iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and 5s users will be left behind.

Unfortunately, users will have to upgrade to the higher models to use iOS 13. What do you guys think will be the most interesting feature in iOS 13 will be, let me know in the comments section below.



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