The Blog Lover was founded in 2019 by Vivek Seswani, to help and motivate the people about Online Marketing, Health and Fitness, Product Reviews, Entrepreneurship, Motivation, Self-Development and much more.
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About Vivek Seswani

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Hello there, this is Vivek Seswani taking over the page. During my childhood, I had trouble mixing up with the people around me. I lacked confidence and had difficulties to make my voice heard.

During the process of growing up, I experienced that self-confidence is the only thing that will help you out in your tough times. The day you step out of your comfort zone, will be the day you start making a difference for yourself.

I grew up in a comfort zone, and as time passed by I realized that there is a necessity of spreading and enlightening some knowledge and motivation among the people and try to make a difference.

In the journey of growing up, I also realized that the only things matter in our lives i.e. Health and Character. You might be thinking why I haven’t mentioned Money!

Yes, it is important but the truth is the peace of mind is achieved only by these two factors. The more you are pure at heart and stable with your mind and health, the more you will be satisfied in your life.

Coming to my profession, I tried to fit in into many fields like a retail business, real-estate, but I always wanted to be tech-savvy.

So, finally, I found my interest in Digital Marketing and eventually now I’m Digital Marketing expert helping clients all over the globe in establishing and increasing their business on the web.

With the same mindset, I’ve started this website and will continue to share my knowledge. This website is all about sharing my personal experiences in the field of Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Motivation, Self-Improvement, Product Reviews, and many more.

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